The Hackers
Shalabi + Riyal

Hacks May Benefit your pcs !

1- Original Windows: many persons or most of them use a fake or not original windows that may Microsoft captures them then make some problems, and we all know that the original Windowses are all expensive, so we always look for helping people in some cases like this, and so that we made a plan to make your windows original with no costs and without any programs, and the way will be useful for you and your computer and its on that link hope you thank Riyal & Shalabi about this assistance.

2- Hide your Private Videos and Files: as we all know, many people like to hide some of their programs, games, files, or videos and lock them from their parents or heads, so as u know we always help u to find the way for all your problems and questions and the way we have found it is very easy to use and very wonderful so take it from this link.

3- Open 2 Messengers at the same time: some people have much work or chat-males, and some people like to be pretended with two personalities on MSN, But they do not know the method, but we do, because there is no problem with no solution, and there is nothing difficult on M-Shalabi and M-Riyal
and that's method lets you open two yahoo messengers at once at the same time so the method is on this link......

* These are the past three Hacks are requested, request more and we answer all, and if a new visitor wants to know old hacks or ask some questions about computer problems or about the  Web site Just contact us on our main email